When people have to resort to violence for discipline, they don’t deserve to be parents. Parents of children or parents of pets.

chained dog 1

When a woman found a 3-year-old Pit Bull from Cancun, Mexico, called Totopo, he was in a horrible situation. Chained to a house without access to food or water, the puppy couldn’t even sleep or lie down properly.

His skin was burnt in places and ringworm and mange made it worse.

Tiffany Lacey, director of Animal Haven, said, “The crop job on his ears looked like they had been done with scissors or a knife. And his canines were shaved down.”

chained dog 2

After finding out that this whole thing happened because Totopo was chasing a chicken, the shelter convinced the family to give up the poor dog. After the rescue, Matteo Saucedo from Riviera Rescue AC decided to adopt him.

It was when Lacey, a New York worker, found out about him through Facebook that she intervened to help Totopo find a forever home. The shelter also had two paralyzed dogs. And since her arrival, Lacey and her team are helping them find forever homes.

chained dog 3

Right now, Totopo is in New York, healing from his wounds and trying to adjust. “He’s unfazed by all the terrible things that humans have done to him,” Lacey said. “It either hasn’t sunk in, or he’s just so loving … it’s unbelievable.”

chained dog 4

The adorable cutie already has a long line of people waiting to adopt him. Hopefully, he will find a home that will love and care for him as he deserves.

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