Soldiers who serve our nation on foreign lands always make all kinds of local friends, and they are not necessarily humans. Sometimes, these friends appear to them in form of the canines.

Medevac pilot Nick Pierzchalsk was in Iraq when one day, he met a year old Shepherd mix stray who decided to randomly walk up to him and play. Not just Nick, but his entire crew fell in love with the puppy and named her Aireys, who ended up being a significant boost to the morales of these soldiers in the war zone.

YouTube/ FOX 13 News- Tampa Bay

The crew gave food to the playful dog every day and even built a kennel for her inside the hanger. And in no time, she was a part of their team. And when it was time for Nick to go back home, they insisted him to take Airys with him and adopt her.

Nick didn’t want Airys to live in the harsh condition of the desert, so he agreed to his crew members and took the help of SPCA International to fly Airys back to the USA. Fox 13 News covered their touching reunion at the Tampa International Airport as well.

YouTube/ FOX 13 News- Tampa Bay

The video below captures the beautiful moment when Airys sees Nick at the airport. She takes no time in recognizing him and keeps wagging her tail. She keeps whining to express how happy she is.

Watch the heart taking video below:

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