Dogs have so much to show off when it comes to doing amazing tricks. They can balance food on their snouts, they can ride skateboards, and they can even help you with the chores! However, this dog is something really extraordinary! The video below tells us why.


In the video, the dog’s human asks her to bark, and so the dog obediently follows his human’s order. But then, his human asks him to bark softer, and he does that too. Then she goes on asking him to bark softer and softer.

And, by the end of the video, you will watch the dog making the funniest and the most adorable bark you have ever heard!

It’s amazing how dogs never cease to surprise us with their outstanding smartness and brilliant sense of humour! No matter what, it’s sure that your dog will make you laugh. ‘

Watch the humorous video of the dog barking in the softest voice below:

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