One should be careful while trying something new in front of one’s dog. That’s because they are very quick to imitate what you are doing. That’s precisely what happened to one man when he tossed his son in the air, as all frisky dads love to do.

Twitter/ @victowia

The family dog was attentively watching as the child was being tossed in the air.

The dog isn’t the one to idly sit back and watch the show. He runs over and hops not his hind legs, asking his dad to toss him in the air too! Of course, the dog is so persuasive and has to do the same for the pup.

Twitter/ @victowia

While being happily tossed in the air, the adorable doggo is having the best time of his life! Now it’s the child’s turn to watch the show and laugh his head off.

We can’t sit idly too. We are smiling and laughing uncontrollably at the adorable show. Had we not seen it for ourselves, we wouldn’t have believed it. Thank god for that someone, who posted the video on Twitter and it went completely viral.

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