When this poor little kitten first came to the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) in Spokane, Washington, a neighbor found her abandoned in a dirty alley.

The adorable creature had never known love–but she had no idea that she wouldn’t just get one, but two moms who will love her beyond logic.

adopted kitty 1

Nala, the kitten, stayed at a foster home. She was surviving. But her life changed with a Facebook post about her that asked for help for a poor, abandoned kitten. Jamie Myers immediately responded to the post. Since she was already fostering a cat, she knew Nala would be the perfect addition in her family.

“She was about a week and a half younger than my group, so I said, ‘My mama is pretty wonderful. She’s been very accepting so let’s see if she can’t nurse,'” Myers said. “Nala nursed straight away and mama took her in instantly. She started licking her, and grooming her and showing her acceptance and love.”

adopted kitty 2

But when the time came for adoption, Nala was still unready.

“She did everything later than the rest of the group,” Myers said. “When they all opened their eyes, she still had her eyes closed, and when they started toddling about, she was still latched onto Mama nursing.”

But Nala wasn’t alone for long. Joining her was a dog, Izzy, who had just given birth to puppies. Seeing how lonely Nala was, Izzy decided to nurse the kitten like she was her own.

adopted kitty 3

“The mama dog kept trying to get Nala and pick her up and put her in with the rest of her babies,” Myers said. “She just thought one of the babies was out and missing — she kept trying to put it back and put it back.”

Since Izzy was insistent that Nala should stay with her, Myers came up with a solution. “The kitten could not walk across the floor without Izzy getting up from nursing to hunt her down,” Myers said. “She was trying to tell us, ‘This little creature belongs in my family.’”

adopted kitty 4

Myers allowed Nala to say in Izzy’s pen so they could bond more. And soon, she could see the changes in Nala’s behavior.

“As soon as we put Nala in with her babies, she settled and was happy and all was right in her world again,” Myers said. “And Nala just all the sudden had all these little warm bodies for snuggles and love, and a new fur mama to care for her, and she just fit in with her second foster family.”

adopted kitty 5

It didn’t take Nala long to figure out how to fit in. “She would get in and out of [the pen] on her own. So when she was done snuggling, she’d get out and go eat her kitten food and play for a little while, and then she’d go right back in,” Myers said. “Whenever she wanted to sleep, she was always in there sleeping with them.”

adopted kitty 6

Now, Nala had a lot of people and friends loving her. Her human mom, her dog mom, and her siblings. She was finally ready for adoption.

Saying goodbye was difficult for Izzy. But Myers knew what to do.

Instead of Izzy pondering over Nala leaving, Myers decided to foster a pair of kittens so that she would have something else to focus on. To say Izzy was pleased would be an understatement.

“Now Izzy has two more kittens she’s loving on,” Myers said.

adopted kitty 7

This entire thing is just melting our hearts and we hope that Izzy will always keep on proving how much love she has to give.

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