Elle Heaton had no idea what she was going to find on the ground in a Smyrna neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. An abused, tortured and burnt dog.

abused dog 1

Heaton immediately took him to the Village Vets of Buckhead. And there, she found out another troubling news. Someone had thrown the poor dog out of a moving car after torturing him.

The abrasions on his stomach and feet were caused by his road rash trauma.

Some of the wounds in his body are older. Vets assumed that a monster had dumped acid on him. Either that, or he was set on fire. Removing the necrosis of the skin from his trauma will require surgery.

abused dog 2

Right now, he’s on antibiotics and pain meds, as well as on treatments for parasites. He also has anemia.

While the injuries are healing, full recovery is going to take a lot of time.

abused dog 3

Hopefully, someone will hear this story and adopt this poor dog. Hopefully, he will find people who will love him for who he is.

Watch the video below to get more updates on his recovery.

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