Bruno and his doggy sibling had a horrible life. They lived with a neglectful and abusive owner for a long time. So much so that when rescuers found them, they looked skeletal. When the owner had enough of them, he left them to die.

abused dog 1

When the shelter first let them in, the first thing they did was make sure that Bruno had medical care. Sadly, Bruno’s sibling died on the way to the shelter. To say Bruno was miserable would be an understatement. He was so depressed that he eventually became an ‘unwanted’ dog for adoption.

To protect him from euthanasia, the shelter staff kept him in a stable. Furthermore, the staff posted a story asking for help regarding Bruno.

Thanks to them, Bruno no longer had to be on the kill-list anymore. Him, along with many other dogs, were soon to be adopted

abused dog 2

After Sidewalk Specials completed their regular check-ups, Bruno finally realized that his life was about to change. Feeling safe and comfortable, he fell asleep in the car while they were on their way to find him a home.

abused dog 3

Bruno today is living with the new family that loves him beyond reason. He loves playing on the sunny garden with his furry siblings, he loves cuddling with his mother and he loves being loved.

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