It’s heartbreaking how so many animals are constantly abandoned by their owners.

Found in a starving state in one of the coldest seasons of the year, Sky was lonely and desperate. She was left outside Delaware Humane Association at the beginning of this month in a terrible state. The shape of his bones could be seen over the skin as she huddled on the fence of the shelter.

Fortunately, she was caught by one of the staff outside the building and was immediately rescued. It was only when she was brought inside the warmth of the foundation that the people there saw the note pinned to her collar.

Delaware Humane Association

“Please take care of Sky,” the note said. “She is 6 years old and friendly. I couldn’t take care of her — I became homeless and couldn’t feed her. She is not sick just hungry, very friendly. Please find her a home. Please.”

The six-year-old had been in a terrible state since her abandonment. But her previous owner was right, Sky was one of the friendliest dogs the rescue staff had ever met. Despite her heartbreaking condition, the dog was the happiest around people.

Delaware Humane Association

“She was in good spirits all along,” Greg Munson, director of development and marketing for the rescue, said. “She was curious and was very happy to be inside. Her condition was so bad that being anywhere other than outside was a relief.”

For the first time in a long while, Sky fell asleep with a belly full of food. It was quite strange for the staff, a little sad even, to know that while Sky is safe and happy now, her previous owner might be struggling to make ends meet.

Delaware Humane Association

Since locating him was almost impossible, since he had left no address behind and since, by leaving Sky, he had actually broken a law.

“We could’ve helped him a bit if he hadn’t abandoned the dog, and just come in and talk with us,” Munson explained. “We do have grant funding available that we could’ve used to help with some of the costs for Sky, as well as for him and his family.”

Delaware Humane Association

However, the second Sky’s news hit the media, the man called again. He informed the staff that he was in a much better financial state now.

“He reached out to us, and wanted to remain anonymous, and wasn’t looking for help, but was getting his life back together,” Munson said. “He is married with a large family, and both of the adults had lost their job, but he since has one back. He said he just wanted what was best for her.”

Delaware Humane Association

And, it seems, that the best will happen for her.

As soon as Sky is healthy enough, she will be put up for adoption, which is likely to be in the next few weeks.

But right now?

Delaware Humane Association

Right now she’s living the best life in the shelter, safe, full and happy!

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