Dog lovers are complex creatures. They can watch brutal beheading and hand- chopping of one alive human being on screen but watching the death of a dog will crumble them to the ground.

Thankfully, dog lovers don’t have to go through an emotional breakdown anymore, because a new website called “Does The Dog Die” can tell you whether the dog dies or not in the movie you are interested to watch.

20th Century

The site is a handy tool that tells you about the dog’s death in the movie, because of which you can decide to watch or not watch it, or even prepare for the heartbreak with tissue boxes and ice-creams!

And its super- easy! You just need to search the movie title on the website and the results will be right in front of you!

But it’s not only dedicated to dog- lovers. This amazing website tells you how devastating any other movie is.

Does The Dog Die

Woof! I don’t ever have to go through the devastating scenes without not expecting it at all!


I wish such a website existed for books like the Harry Potter and the Game Of Thrones series!

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