The miracle of birth is one of the most amazing things to witness. The video below features one of the most incredible deliveries you are ever going to come across. It shows a three-year-old Staffordshire dog named Diva giving birth to her litter, and boy is her journey leaving people out of words. In June 2013, Diva met a 13-year-old shepherd mix named Joey and fell in love. Two months later, she was pregnant for the very first time. Her owner, Pepijn Werkman, stayed by her side and provided her with his full support. He filmed her labor and all the important stuff that followed.

Pepijn was left out words, like all the viewers on the internet. He watched awestruck as his dog’s baby bump grew bigger every day. A canine’s normal gestation period is between 58 to 68 days. Diva was in labor by the 59th. She started showing all the normal signs, like restlessness, lack of appetite, and even “nesting”. That’s when Pepijn realized why her belly had become so huge. After the delivery of her first pup, the pooch calmed down significantly and started finding her rhythm. She went on to give birth to 12 more puppies.

All the puppies were born alive and healthy. The clip below has already collected more than 15 million views since it was uploaded on YouTube. Wait till you see this amazing video for yourself! The footage might be a bit graphic for some viewers, so proceed with caution.

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