By now, we have probably seen hundreds of animals doing weird tricks. They jump, run, sit, stand, and follow many of our directions. However, have you seen one dance? Or better, have you ever seen a horse dance? I had not either until this dancing horse came into the spotlight.
A nine-months-old horse named Blue Hors Matine caught the eyes of many when his owner, Andreas Helgstrand came out showing off his final performance with his beloved pet to the audience of the WEG dressage competition.


The duo managed to leave the audience absolutely awestruck after the freestyle final, in which Helgstrand and Blue Hors Matine performed a complete spectacular routine. The performance was loved by so many that by now; the video has over 20million views.


The video clearly shows how great Blue Hors Matine is at dancing and catching the beats perfectly. Her graceful moves and stunning performance attracted 17 million+ views on YouTube and millions of views on other social media.

Watch the phenomenal dance number below:

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