“Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson is the most danceable song there is—just admit it! We all love to dance to this song because of its super- catchy beat and awesome lyrics. But, apparently, it’s not just us, even cats love grooving to this song; or, at least, this foster kitty named Winnie.


Brace yourselves because you are about to see the most adorable dance performance to “Uptown Funk.” The video below shows Winnie dancing her heart out as the beat goes on and Bruno Mars sings with his captivating voice. Thankfully enough, her foster parents decided to film her entire performance and bless us all. As the music plays, the feline starts bobbing her head from side to side and up and down to the beat.


Somewhere in the middle of the video, she starts really feeling it to the core and even stands up to dance! Who wouldn’t want such an adorable kitten?

Watch the adorable dance video below:

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