Cats are one of those creatures who is gifted by a supreme intelligence. They never fail to impress us by their learning, thinking and problem-solving capacity. One day, when dad planned a cunning plan to stop his pet cat, Mulder, from waking him up, he got a taste of his sneaky feline brilliance.


Forever since Mulder had learned to open the door to his bedroom, Dad’s quality sleep had taken a setback. Every morning, Mulder attacked the still-sleepy-and-shocked dad for cuddles by swinging in the doorknob and pushing right in.

Dad decided to put an end to it after being tired of this every day (happy) disruptions. He placed a tub of water blocking the door as an ingenious plan. Dad hoped that Mulder would either avoid the door or will learn from a dip to evade the danger.


But unfortunately, Dad’s hopes for a sound sleep was all washed away after the next move of Mulder. Mulder’s acrobatic was grossly underrated by dad and everyone while watching the video. You should bow down to mighty Mulder’s amazing acrobatics, and for that, you need to see this video.

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