When cross-country cycling enthusiast, Damian Macchi, headed for his regular training ride around his home in Argentina, he didn’t expect to find a lovely creature on his way.

And yet, fate has its strange ways to bring exactly what we need to us.

Even for a little-abandoned doggie.

Damian Macchi

Miles away from his hometown, Machhi was cycling on an empty, dirt road when he was greeted with the most adorable thing in the world.

“I saw something running from the weeds,” Macchi said.

He wasn’t going to go check on him, but a sudden concern seized his heart. So Macchi went back to the place where he saw the playful creature.

Damian Macchi

Check the video to see what happened then.

The creature was an adorable little puppy, seemingly abandoned or lost.

Damian Macchi

It was no surprise that the pup was beyond excited to have found someone!

Macchi was so taken with the doggie that he decided to take him home snuggled up in his arms.

The only one happier than the man was the dog herself.

Damian Macchi

It was quite fortunate that Macchi was the one who spotted her. Because aside from cycling, he also loves animals. In fact, he’s been involved in many rescues.

He immediately took the pup to the clinic and then posted the story for his followers to view.

Damian Macchi

Since many of them are animal-lovers themselves, it didn’t take long before someone wanted to adopt her and make her a part of their family.

“The dog was adopted,” Macchi said. “They named her Juanita.”

Damian Macchi

Juanita is doing considerably great. Needing only treatments for ticks right now, she’s in a home that loves her, a far cry from the place and the state she was found in.

Macchi wishes that along with Juanita’s story spreading around, the encouragement to save animals and love them would also spread with equal vigour.

“She’s happy with her new family,” Macchi said. “I want to make people aware that they should not abandon.”

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