Some dogs love swimming in the pool or the river, catching fishes or just having the best time of their life. But, even the greatest paddler needs to rest. And not always these little rests lead to sweet memories.

Now, we can rest in peace knowing our pooch is swimming in style with these glittery Mermaid Life Vests. Since there are a lot of designer bathing suits for humans, Albabara figured why our pups should swim in the boring life vests? So with the motto “Why should humans have all the fun?” they offered these mermaid dog life jackets on Amazon. And they are not wrong on how cute it looks…

Mermaid dog

The shiny material used in the jacket gives an illusion of scales on the mermaid. The built-in tail that floats above the water provides a glowing mermaid tail to your doggo. Even though this jacket gives an insta-perfect photo of your dog, it’s not on sale for fashion.

These jackets are for beginners who are learning how to swim. The jacket wouldn’t let them drown, and they can learn to flap their paws. The jacket contains thick padding, which allows your dog to float. And, in case of emergency, you can remove them from the water with the handle located on the top of the jacket.

Architecture of mermaid jacket

You can also keep an eye on your doggo, as the jacket comes with a lease. The buckle is adjustable to make them feel comfortable in the water. The neck pad keeps the head on afloat.

mermaid jacket for big dogs

This jacket is not just for small dogs as it comes with small to large size, even your service dogs can have the time of their life. There are a variety of vibrant colors you can choose from and are available on Amazon for $26.99.

pug in mermaid jacket

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