Although bobcats are pretty adorable animals, one should not get too close. Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) wants to publicize that note after one of their wildlife officers was hilariously attacked by one particularly “tough” bobcat.

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A video of the bobcat trying to punch and scratch the officer from the inside of a cage recently went viral. The officers have nicknamed him as Mr Murderbritches!

He was found preying on someone’s pet chicken near Kanarraville, Utah and the officers were called to relocate him to a place where there is less human population. While officers caught the baby cat without many challenges,   now, they have a very angry kitty.

The Center for Biological Diversity created their own version which would be complete with subtitles that even translate the cat’s growls into sassy comments.

Twitter/Center for Biological Diversity

“Watch these wildlife officials struggle to stay alive as they release the world’s most badass bobcat kitten back into the wild,” the group tweeted. Now, the video has 750,000+ views.  Typically, bobcats completely avoid coming in contact with any human, which makes her behaviour with the officers understandable. Thankfully, that is how it is really done.

Twitter/Utah DWR

Sadly, baby bobcats mostly end up being captivated or kept as a pet because of how fluffy they look. But they can’t keep them until too far after being bitten. A family even tried to steal two of the Bobcats from the wild. Because of that, the kittens were left orphaned and had even lesser chances of surviving.

Mr Murderbritches is a reminder of bobcats not being pets.

“When we say wild cats should never be considered pets, maybe this will help you understand why,” WildCat Sanctuary wrote about the video on Facebook. “Especially when you watch how quick and dangerous even a bobcat kitten can be!”

Twitter/Utah DWR

Mr Murderbritchees’ Twitter fans have also understood the message.

“Get Mr Murderbritches a Netflix show, a stuffed animal toy line, an animated Pixar movie, a live-action reboot of the original movie, or better yet, leave Mr. Murderbritches alone, because you mess with Murderbritches, you get stitches,” Twitter user Chuck Wendig joked after seeing the bobcat’s video.

Although the cat was trying his best to harm the officer trying to help him, he got a way unharmed. The fierce bobcat is now wandering in his new home in the mountains of Utah, where, someday, he is sure to become the king of the forest.

Twitter/Utah DWR

Mr Murderbritches is in the wild now, enjoying his habitat. However, the Internet will never forget how he was the most ferocious kitten ever!

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