Chris and Mariesa Hughes always had a hard time falling asleep or sleeping well. After all, they had eight rescue dogs in their home in Clifton Park, New York.

couple bed dog 1

Fitting all of them in one bed was a difficult feat. Count the couple in and the bed was barely enough.

couple bed dog 2

So they formed a plan.

couple bed dog 3

The two hired a dog-loving furniture maker named Mike Ford to build a ‘mega-bed’ for their dogs.

The bed took six months to build. And the magical element? Two combined mattresses.

couple bed dog 4

With a six-foot-tall headboard which has paw prints all over it, the top bed is a king size mattress while the bottom was is a full side turned sideways.

Aside from this, the bed also consisted of drawers on the side. And of course, built-in stairs.

couple bed dog 5

The couple is also the founders of Mr. Mo Project that helps sick and senior dogs find forever homes.

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