This is not going to be the first time Luke Bryan and his family intervene in a dog’s life to make it better.

At first, it was Poochie, an 18-year-old dog, who lived her final moments in the loving embrace of this family.

And now, it’s Kimmie, just 4 months after Poochie.

When she first came in, Kimmie was a beautiful blonde female who had been rescued by The Bryans’ organization Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue in Tennessee from a kill shelter.

After that, they immediately got to fostering her.

To say the little doggie enjoys this family would be an understatement. She loves Brett’s Barn, Bryan’s animal sanctuary, and she loves everything and everyone there. From other animals who reside in the sanctuary to the kids who visit her from time to time, she enjoys their company, their affection, and adoration to the fullest extent.

When she finds her forever home, she’s going to a very lucky family.

This Instagram post says more about her background and her adoption.

Bryan Family’s Brett Boyer Foundation established Brett’s Barn as another medium to raise awareness about Congenital Heart Disease. When Caroline Bryan’s niece, Brett, passed away at just 7 months old, Caroline remembered the promise she made to her niece. The promise said that she was going to get her a white pony when she was just a one-month-old baby.

In order to keep that promise, she found a white pony from a local animal rescue group and adopted it. She also got another pony, a goat, and a pig along with that. And then, Brett’s Barn had to be a thing!

Since the Barn’s establishment, there have been over 20 animals in the sanctuary. Since the place is planning to expand, there are going to be a lot more animals around soon.

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Thanks to Luke and Caroline Bryan, the world is a happier place now.

It is all thanks to people like them who wish to leave the world a better place than when they found it that animals like Kimmie can have a secure, loving life.

We couldn’t thank the pair enough!

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