While at work one Saturday night, an Indianapolis police officer, Scott Charleswood heard weeping in a dumpster. Upon checking in, he discovered a litter of tiny 7 puppies who were dumped among the trash. After climbing up to take these tiny puppies out, he took his heavy police jacket off and wrapped the tiny bodies in it to make them feel safe and warm since the weather was harshly cold.


The officer then reached out to Every Dog Counts Rescue, a rescue group that helped him find a foster home for the pups. They are now being cared for there. Since they are extremely young, they need to be fed through bottles. Later, both the Indianapolis Police Department and the rescue group took to Facebook to thank officer Charleswood.

It is freezing and sleeting in Indy tonight. So to work with no coat, you'd have to be crazy… or crazy kind….

Posted by Every Dog Counts Rescue on Saturday, December 17, 2016

Thankfully, all the puppies are perfectly fine and all the credit for it goes to Officer Charleswood. Had it not been him, nobody knows what fate those innocent souls would have faced. All the pups have their own names given by the rescue: Zuma, Yumi, Tess, Skye, Harvey Sue, Marshall, and Chase. Their story became very famous online and it took no time for them to find forever homes.

By popular demand… updated photos of our sweet little Dumpster pups, on their first birthday! Happy birthday sweet babies! <3

Posted by Every Dog Counts Rescue on Sunday, December 17, 2017

Now, instead of starving in the dumpster, they can live a happy, comfortable life with their beautiful families!

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