No one could imagine what this tiny stray Chihuahua was hiding in a cramped space between two portable toilets in Hampton Soccer Park, Virginia. It was a little kitten of all things! The people who found them posted about the whereabouts of them in hopes of finding their owner.

Facebook/ Saver of Souls Pet Rescue

Eventually, the post ended up on Lost & Found Pets of Hampton Roads, VA. After this, a number of humanitarians came forward to rescue the strays. But seeing such a huge number of people was incredibly stressful for the poor animals. The Chihuahua would even bark at them while attempting to protect his best friend.

Then animal control came forward and tried to handle the situation more calmly. After this, they rescued the pair and the sick kitten immediately received treatment for some skin issues. Throughout this major change, the 2-year-old Chihuahua and the 10-month-old kitten stuck together like glue.

Facebook/ Saver of Souls Pet Rescue

Unfortunately, the pair couldn’t be put up for adoption together, but seeing the dog’s protective attitude, the rescuers were puzzled. Saver of Souls Pet Rescue (SSPR) came in to save the day.

Facebook/ Saver of Souls Pet Rescue

Currently, a single-home foster care provided by SSPR is taking care of the pair. The dog and the cat have been named Gomez and Morticia respectively. Any future adoption prospects entail that both of them must be adopted in the same house.

A happy ending: Gomez and Morticia are both in their forever home, together with all the love and affection in the world.

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