Chained and imprisoned at the Nagarahole National Park of India, an elephant was caught fall apart on camera.

This area has often been accused of neglect and abuse towards these elephants. But when this poor elephant collapsed and the call for vet went unacknowledged, the suspicions solidified.

Drona, a 37-year-old male elephant, was seen to be unwell by the handlers (mahouts) from the very beginning. But their concerns were left unanswered.

Footage shows Drona trying to stretch as he’s being bathed. But the chain stops him.

But that’s hardly it.

He then starts falling on his side. Eyewitnesses say that he was going to drink from the water tank when he suddenly went lifeless.


It turns out that Drona had been showing symptoms since April 26, Friday. At first, the mahout thought the cause of death was a heart attack. Though an autopsy is yet to be carried out, the cause might be something else entirely since most Indian elephants live for 50 years or more.

The video was recorded in the South-Western state of Karnataka, India.


In 2017 and 2018, Drona had carried the golden howdah (a platform) to mark Dasara, a Hindu festival, in the city of Mysore. Because of this, the elephant was a known creature to many in the area.

During this occasion, 15 decorated elephants form the Nagarahole forest walk a three-mile route through the city.

However, an animal rights group had heard of a neglect and abuse elephants faced from their handlers and protested against it. Through this, they had had a small but notable victory.

A video of a handler beating a chained elephant with long poles had gone viral on Twitter. The man continued to beat up the creature even after it had fallen and lied still.

At the time, the elephant, Karnan was living in Thrissur, a southern Indian state of Kerala, three months ago.

Fortunately, animal rights groups and NGOs in India got a hold of the video. They then helped to bring the abusers to justice and free the poor creature.

Just watch the video:

After this, Voice for Asian Elephants Society (VFAES), an animal rights group, quoted, “A case was booked by Thrissur district forest officers. The mahouts were fired. The elephant has been transferred to Palakkad district, and is being monitored closely by the forest department.”

Since the population of the Asian Elephant has been decreasing by 50% in the last three generations, this species has been marked as endangered by the World Wildlife Fund.

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