When the woman walked by several cardboard boxes, the last thing she expected was to hear something. The woman, who was returning home from work in London heard little cries from the boxes that were closed together with heavy tape.

“She walked past the alley and then went back,” Celia Hammond Animal Trust(CHAT) wrote. “Thank goodness, she did.”


The woman immediately alerted CHAT. When the rescuers reached the scene, the cries of the cats inside could still be heard. Since the abandoned boxes were placed in an alley that stood right next to a busy Stratford road, a lot of care and caution was invested into rescuing them.


“There were no air holes in the boxes,” CHAT wrote. “We didn’t know their temperaments so didn’t dare open the boxes and risk them flying out into the road, so made a few tiny holes to let air in but not big enough to allow them to rip at the cardboard and escape.”

It was only when the heartbroken animals inside were taken to an animal clinic that they opened the boxes with a dull butter knife.

There were 11 young cats and kittens left inside the box.


“We can only assume the intention was for them to die,” CHAT wrote. “Without oxygen, our vets estimate they probably wouldn’t have lived more than an hour or two.”

It’s still unclear why the lovely animals were left with such heartlessness, or where they originally came from. CHAT has been asking people for information on them. Meanwhile, everyone is quite surprised by the cats’ behaviours.

“One really strange thing is that these cats are really friendly and have clearly once been loved, handled and cuddled,” the rescue group wrote. “What on earth would drive an apparently loving owner to do something so terrible?”


Now that they’re all secure, with their fleas getting treated, they love to rest and cuddle with each other. They’re also getting neutered and microchipped for more safety.

“They were initially shocked,” a representative with CHAT said, “but have now become much more friendly and are doing well. They were all a bit thin but are healthy young adult cats and will make a good recovery.”

Doubtlessly, these cats have a very good future ahead of them. Many communities have reached out to CHAT for adoption after the news went viral on Facebook.


Many families are looking to adopt the cats too. Visits to potential adopters’ houses so make sure that every one of them reaches the best possible homes that love them once they’re ready.

“Many of you have gifted funds, food, toys and blankets,” CHAT wrote. “We are totally overwhelmed by … the extreme kindness that has been shown.”

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