Pusic is an adorable cat who is spoiled completely by her parents.


Before his new family adopted him, Pusic was a sick stray kitten fending for himself on the streets of Belarus, which was about 4 years ago. Soon after settling in, Pusic’s family came to know that he was obsessed with toilet papers, like many other cats.

“When he was small, he liked to play with it,” Vyacheslav, Pusic’s dad, said. But the cat was then made used to playing with things that caused less of a mess. “Now he plays with toys,” Vyacheslav added.

It had been a while since Pusic had not been able to enjoy his paper love. Therefore, Vyacheslav decided to surprise him with something epic—an entire room filled with toilet papers!

When it happened, Pusic had completely lost it! He was so happy and it was all captured in the video below:

“We did not expect such a reaction from him,” Vyacheslav said. “I thought he would just play with them, but something clicked in his head. He was so happy to play with toilet paper, like a memory from his childhood.”

It’s so obvious that Pusic is showered with love in his new family, just like he was showered with toilet papers as a surprise.

Vyacheslav started cleaning up the “mess” after letting Pusic enjoy for a few hours. He plans to save them for entertaining Pusic again in the future.

“We try not to waste resources,” he said. “The toilet paper will be useful for future games and for new cat toys.”

Lucky Pusic!

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