Three months ago, A couple decided to adopt this Hubert from a local shelter. They immediately noticed his crazy personalities.

Hubert’s mom, Laci Reamer, told Dodo:

“We always describe his personality as a grumpy old man who secretly loves and needs attention.”

This furbaby loved his new home, but he immediately made it clear that he fancies going out as well.

Even though the shelter said he has always been an indoor cat, he’s given no sign to be positive about the statement. This 8-years-old kitty has an intense fascination with going out. Despite him liking the comfy life and love of his family, he hasn’t once, tried to stop escaping.

Reamer said:

“He tries to escape on the daily. He succeeded one time in his escape. We didn’t know until he started walking up the sidewalk! How can you miss a 31-pound cat escaping through your legs at the door? Yes, you read that right! He’s 31 pounds. He’s chunky, but spunky (he is on a diet).”

His infatuation grew so much that he tried convincing every new face that came to the door. His big eyes begged them to let him go outside and play. And that’s when the family decided to put up the sign.

“We made the sign because he will truly give anyone that look with those big eyes like, ‘Please help me. I have things to see and do out there. If you just open that door, I’ll slide right by you,'” Reamer said. “He’s very good at begging, so we wanted to make people aware. We live on a busy street and don’t want him to get hurt!”

Not only the sign worked, and their kitty is safe inside his home, but it also gave a bit of giggle to the passerby.

“We get A LOT of comments on it,” Reamer said. “The UPS driver even knocked on our door to just tell us how much he loved it and made him laugh.”

Until this day, none of Humer’s master plans have let him go out, thanks to the sign.

But the family still feels they need to grant his wish one day or the other. So, the family planned a little surprise for the furbaby.

“We just ordered him a harness and leash to start his grand outdoor adventures,” Reamer said. “Fingers crossed that will go well!”