It was just a daily commute to work for Donald Czyzyk in Illinois last week when he spotted something out of the ordinary.

Just on the entrance of the driveway, he saw a plastic pet carrier half-buried in the snow. It was packed with ice, probably from having snow tossed onto it by a passing plough.

When he got near to have a close view, he couldn’t believe what he saw! It was an ear! An animal was inside, beneath all the snow.

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Thankfully, Czyzyk was the rescue’s veterinary assistant so he knew exactly what to do. He immediately rushed over and started digging the carrier out, praying that whoever was inside was not already suffocated by the snow.

One he freed the carrier, he ran inside and hurriedly started scooping out more of the snow. Finally, he saw who was it: A small grey cat dripping with chunks of snow and ice.

She was alive!

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“She does not have any injuries,” Czyzyk told The Dodo. “But she was soaking wet and cold.”

No one can surmise who long the cat had been out there- but she’s lucky that Czyzyk found her.

The rescue team decided to name the cat Winter.

Happy Tails Humane Society

After she was warm and safe, she started to become comfortable.

“Winter is very outgoing, funny and full of personality,” Czyzyk said. “She loves rubbing her head on things and walking around her room.”

Happy Tails Humane Society

Winter is only about a year old and in good health, so she was able to find a forever home right away. She’ll be with her new family this weekend.

It’s good to know that for now, she is warm, well-fed and comfortable. She will never have to worry about being abandoned.

Happy Tails Humane Society

The rescue team haven’t yet found out who abandoned her but is offering a reward for anyone who comes forward with any information about the case.

Happy Tails Humane Society

Czyzyk and the team couldn’t be more overjoyed that WInter is finally getting to live the life she deserves. “She is going to a home with a very nice married couple and one dog, who the shelter has personally known for many years,” he said.

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