A 13-year-old cat, named Miggeli, from the French border in Biel-Benken, Switzerland, has sadly passed away. The feline, who lived with her owner Sina Kunz, was out on Saturday, May 18, when an attacker sprayed her with waterproof yellow paint.

The second the cat got home, Kunz knew something had happened.

“Her entire body and especially her face were sprayed with waterproof yellow paint.” She said.

cat sprayed paint 1

Even though Kunz did everything to save the cat, there was no hope for her.
Miggeli passed away three days later.

Kunz is convinced that there is a serial animal abuser in the area and had reported the incident to the police.

Previously, the said attacker has hurt and tortured animals three times in just last week. She believes that the monster targeted her cat because of how old she was.

cat sprayed paint 2

Other attacks include a cat called Haxli, 6, who had her claws and whiskers cut off along with a shaved body.
According to a vet, the fur had been cut off with scissors and then shaved.

Similarly, the day after Miggeli attack, another cat named Gringo broke her jaw and two front legs. The attacker had shaved her body and broken her legs with a pair of pliers.

A vet said, “A normal person would not do something like that… I think whoever did this really needs some serious help.”

The police are now investigating all three cases. But, they assume that Miggeli’s case to be separate from others because of distance. The places where the three cats and Miggeli met their attacker were 7 km apart. They believe that is more than one animal abuser in the place.

We hope to see these monsters get the punishment they deserve.

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