Tina Hoang moved to this new apartment where she met this 4-month-old Masuka wondering on the street. He was so cute and fluffy that Tina was tempted to adopt her. And she did. But little did she know, this cat was full of personalities. And he was quite different than her siblings.

Cat Destroys Shower Curtain

7 years later, Musaka never missed surprising her mom with her weird and entertaining moves.


From the first day, he was obsessed with water. He loves to sit on the sink with the tap running.

He is so good at using the watercoolers.

And he never leaves his mom alone to shower.

Hoang said:

“He loves running water. Every time I’m in the shower, as soon as he hears the water running, he comes running in.”

He loves to poke a hole in the shower curtain and taste a little bit of that tap water. Every time he uses a different method to poke. He usually uses his claws to tear the curtain in the hole of the size of his head and peak through it.

The cat is now obsessed with tearing an ideally looking curtain. His mom has to change them every few months.
One day, his mom decided to have fun with it. She suddenly turned the hole into something creative.

Tina has turned her cat being gulped by a whale…

…turned him into a dinosaur.

… a loving hole.

“Every time I see him in the shower he just cracks me up,” Hoang said. “I figured I might as well have some fun with it. Can’t get mad at that face!”

Hoang recently bought a durable curtain. Hope it puts an end to the destruction. Else, we might have fun seeing another one of her art.

Musaka obsession for water sometimes bring trouble to the house, but his mother doesn’t mind a bit. She happily cleans up the mess and loves him unconditionally.

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