Every once in a while, we need someone who understands even when we aren’t talking. A best friend. A soulmate.

For Jayden Denton, it happened to be his cat.

Tonya Denton

Jayden is a boy with special needs. Sometimes, he needs less attention–sometimes he needs more. And when he’s overwhelmed with everything around him, he has occasional sensory meltdowns.

“My son has sensory processing disorder, and other issues,” Tonya Denton, Jayden’s mom said. “When he gets overloaded or doesn’t understand, he has outbursts of crying and is inconsolable.”

Until Kitty.

Tonya Denton

At first glance, Kitty might look like an ordinary cat. He’s playful, observing and a rebel. But little did anyone know, he was something else entirely.

Kitty was the only one who knew what to do during Jayden’s tough times. There’s nothing frightening away this little creature from Jayden, not even his meltdowns.

“We started seeing Kitty always running over to him during breakdowns,” Tonya said. “During his breakdowns, Kitty licks his head until he gets Jayden to calm down. This has been the only way to calm Jayden.”

This beautiful bond was captured in video by Jayden’s mom.

It’s not that the family hasn’t tried to help Jayden through other methods. But Kitty is the miracle they all had been waiting for.

“This cat has changed everything,” Tonya said. “To see their bond, as his mother, is not just amazing, but special to see such a crazy cat come to him in his times of need.”

It’s fate; something meant to happen.

Tonya Denton

Kitty doesn’t just help Jayden during his meltdowns. He’s a constant in the boy’s life, his best friend, his soulmate.

“Kitty makes my son happy, and it’s like they understand each other,” Tonya said. “It’s just a happy feeling knowing my son has a best friend.”

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