It’s no secret that elephants are amazing animals who excel in bonding and making new friends. Faamai, an elephant who lives in Elephant Nature Park located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is the perfect example for that. Her relationship with her trainer is unbelievable!

The founder of the Save Elephant Foundation, Sangduen “Lek” Chailert, knows just how much close elephants can get to humans as her elephants find comfort in the volunteers who work there.

The relationship of Faamai with Lekis is something that many envy!

Lek swats buzzing flies away for Faamai with a rag as she sings a special lullaby Faamai loves. All the soothing attention makes the elephant drowsy, so she lowers herself on the ground and starts resting not long after Lek begins to sing.

A study conducted by the American Psychological Association has discovered that classical music soothes many Asian elephants. Once, two elephants in Circus World Museum swayed away with the music when an orchestra violinist, Eleanor Bartsh played a concerto for them.

While Faamai gets effortlessly comfortable, she also nests lovingly near Lek.

Watch the heartwarming video below!

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