This little pup has found an alternative way to graduate, and it’s hilarious.

dog steals diploma 1

The University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez held its graduation ceremony last Friday. And Cristina Ruiz couldn’t wait to get out of school.

As the day came to an end, Ruiz headed towards her family, who were there with their bulldog Tarzán, to take a picture with them. But Tarzán had other ideas.

Apparently, Tarzán liked her diploma more than posing for pictures.

So he decided to steal it instead.

“We were all in shock and super surprised,” Enrique, Ruiz’s brother, said. “It was unexpected.”

But Ruiz wasn’t at all fazed by this.

dog steals diploma 2

And most people just found it hilarious. After all, Tarzán is the school’s mascot. There’s even a giant statue on the university grounds that honors him.

dog steals diploma 3

This entire ordeal only makes graduation even more memorable.

“Everybody has been saying that my sister has a unique diploma now, ‘signed’ by the university’s mascot,” Enrique said. “My mom was super excited for her graduation, so the bitten diploma was the cherry on the top.”

dog steals diploma 4

Of course, Ruiz couldn’t let the opportunity go without taking a picture with Tarzan’s statue!

dog steals diploma 5

And Tarzán might not have been successful at stealing the diploma…

dog steals diploma 6

…but he did steal a lot of hearts!

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