20 year old, Boh Earnshaw woke up to her dog’s cry for help. She immediately rushed downstairs to find her pooch’s jaw stuck in the plastic bottle. By the time, Boh got there, this 11-month old Schnoodle was already chocking and was in lots of pain.

So, the Boh immediately went in the action to save her pup’s life. But, she had no luck as the suction had sinched in the dog’s mouth. So, she went to the second options was to take him to the vet. However, even the vet was unable to take the bootle out.

So, they anesthetize the pooch to saw the bottle out calmly. The pup’s mouth was too long in the little suction, which resulted in a swollen jaw and mouth. Thankfully, the puppy had to suffer no more. He was finally free from the trauma.

Even with the overnight suction, the incident didn’t do any damage to him. Vet expects a speedy recovery of this playful soul.

Boh still doesn’t know how her baby managed to cause the trouble in the first place. Maybe, he was playing with the bottle and trying to chew the neck.

Whatever it was, Boh is now very cautious of what her doggie could get his paw into. And suggest all the dog owners do the same. Keep these dangerous toys away from our baby’s reach for safe and playful memory.

Boh wrote on her facebook page:

“Please please don’t give bottles to your dogs to play with incase they do end up really hurting themselves😢”

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