Racism doesn’t just exist among humane spheres. When it comes to adoption, workers and volunteers have often faced discrimination against black animals than animals of any other color. This is often referred to as ‘Black Dog Syndrome’ where adopters pick light-colored animals over the darker ones.

black dog syndrome 1

Many dogs are left unloved and unadopted because of this. Gigi is one of them. Right now, she’s living temporarily at San Bernardino Animal Shelter(SBAS) in San Bernadino, California. Since her entry in the sanctuary, Gigi has been rejected by several families because of this very syndrome.

One of the main reasons behind this Syndrome is the superstitious belief that black dogs bring bad luck into the family. This also emerges from the negative portrayal of black-furred animals in many literature and pop-culture.

Stats show that black dogs get euthanized more, they are also abandoned more and left to fend for themselves. Because of their biological appearance, they are forced to live uncomfortable and sad lives.

If Gigi isn’t adopted soon, she could also head down that same road. She’d have to be euthanized as well. If you want to prevent this, contact the shelter at (909) 384-1304 and the reference ID for Gigi is #A502791.
Our best wishes are with her.
Let’s hope we won’t have to face any such news in the future.

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