Recently, Bret Winingar and his son, Zach, were on a bike ride on the back roads of Little Rock, Arkansas, when they noticed a significantly old dog carrier.

Curious, they decided to take a closer look and what they saw inside it shook them to the core. There, sitting inside the carrier covered in faeces, was a severely malnourished dog. The dog was so stressed and desperate to be free that she had chewed a hole in the carrier.

After leaving the dog for a little while, the father and the son returned with some dog food and water in a care.

They were set to rescue the helpless dog.

The dad- son duo decided to call her Charlie Bravo.

And, before they could even reach home, the dog had already started showing her gratefulness.

Upon arrival, Bret and Zach first trimmed Bravo’s nails that were grown and curled inward. Then, they gave her a nice, warm bath.

Finally, they took Charlie Bravo to the vet.

At the clinic, the vet determined her age to be around 8-months-old. She also had certain wounds on her body that suggested that she had been in the carrier for a long time.

It took no time for Bravo’s story to go viral on Facebook. As a result, the Winingars started receiving a lot of donations from all the concerned and kind people to help cover Charlie Bravo’s medical expenses.

They used the money for the same purpose and then donated the rest to different animal charities and set a new fund for rescued animals, to which, they named “Charlie’s Angels.”

Winingar was not planning on keeping Charlie but just couldn’t give her away. So much that instead of giving her away, he ended up adopting three more rescue dogs after adopting Charlie.

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