Ben Fogle is popular to be the nice guy on a number of popular shows like Animal Park, Crufts or Countryfile. And there is a special reason for that—he cares about what he does. He is visibly passionate about his work and wants to make sure people enjoy it as much as he does.

Maybe that’s the reason, Fogle was not very impressed with the news that free TV licenses for the people over 75 years are being cut. So, to help the elderly people, Fogle wants to donate one year worth of salary he earns from his job at “Animal Park.”

Ben Fogle with oysters to be planted in cages at MDL Marinas in Hamble, Hampshire.

The new decision has required people to claim pension credit benefit to qualify for a free license.

Fogle said:

“Let’s not penalize those who most value the BBC.”

He posted a message on Twitter about his donation, saying:

“I LOVE the BBC. I think it is one of the greatest institutions in the world. It is the envy of most nations, it makes amazing content and I’d argue it is still value for money. I owe my whole career to the BBC. They gave me my first break and they (you) employed me for many years but I am disappointed in the recent announcement on the abolition of free licenses to the over 75s.”

He also stated,

“I don’t entirely blame the BBC. I think the government forced their hand. I have decided to donate my entire salary for this year’s BBC Animal Park to subsidize licenses for those over 75s who have no way of paying for a license. This is not virtue signaling (although I do think it’s time to rethink the license) but we owe it to those over 75 who have served their country in the armed forces, the NHS, the fire service, etc. Let’s not penalize those who most value the great BBC. I think society is in danger of losing its moral compass.”

According to BBC, this new change was “the fairest outcome” because continuing to provide the TV licenses to the elderly would cost the company about 500 Million Pounds. This new rule will affect around 3.7 million pensioners after it comes to effect from June 220. Even Prime Minister Theresa May expressed disappointment by this announcement. However, BBC Chairman Sir David Clementi thinks it was the best outcome.

The parliament had decided the BBC would cover the cost for the over 75s in 2015. But the BBC claims that it would cost them 475 Million Pounds by 2021/ 2022 and would end up to “unprecedented closures.”

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