Exceptional fun is words that only a few know the meaning of, and Tuffy is one of them. His new sanctuary is heaven compared to his previous life. Kept at a bear farm for nearly a decade, the poor bear was forever trapped in a ‘torture vest’ and imprisoned inside a cage that was too small for him.


While Tuffy has now been rescued, not all bears are as lucky as him. Some of them are still residing on a human farm under terrible conditions. Instead of running through the wild in freedom, the bears are used for their bile extracted from their gall bladders. The entire process is terrifyingly painful. The bile is then used to produce Chinese traditional medicine.


Many of the trapped bears never even get the opportunity to see the sky or taste their freedom. Fortunately, Tuffy wasn’t one of them. It was after Animals Asia intervened and rescued him that Tuffy is now able to spend his days, liberated from the harrowing circumstances he was a prisoner of. His hobbies are many, but his favourite is swimming in the sanctuary’s pool.

Trust us, watching the guy enjoying his life will make your day. Just click the video below to see how he free he is today!

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