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Letterman Couldn’t Stop Cracking Up At This Beagle’s Hilarious “Trick”


The fact that Bailey, the beagle, got to perform in front of the great David Letterman’s audience of a national TV show, might have already made you curious enough to know why. And, without a doubt, it’s the only reason she got the recognition.


She has some amazing skills that she definitely has practised a lot with her owner, Mike Bauer, a bridge inspector in Buffalo, NY. The video below shows Bauer and Letterman talking for a while in the beginning. And then, the most interesting part comes, in which, Letterman asks Bauer what is Bailey going to do and he states that Bailey is going to play dead!


And he was right! It only took one command from Bauer for her to actually play dead. Once he whispered the word, “Bailey, play dead,” she immediately left all control of her body and hung on to her owner’s arm like she was actually dead!


Moreover, once Bailey started doing it, it was difficult to stop her. She seems to enjoy playing dead a lot! Well, that sure took a lot of practice and training!

Watch Bailey’s hilarious skill in the video below:

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