These poor employees were doing their job unloading a shipment of plastic plants at a local shop in Australia. And then came the surprise! In one of the plastic-wrapped plants that were going to be sold, there stood a bat.

It seems like this bat somehow landed himself on this plant in a warehouse and couldn’t get out. And voila, someone wrapped up the pot and the poor little creature was trapped.

Since the employees didn’t know what to do, they called a local bat rescuer and rehabber. They arrived and took the plant to hopefully get the bat out without hurting him.

bat plant stuck 1

“Well, here’s something you don’t see every day,” Denise Wade, the bat rescuer/rehabber and owner of Batzilla the Bat, said as she analyzed what she was up to.

bat plant stuck 2

Wade named the bat Benjamin and got to work. Luckily, it was quite simple and easy. She first unwrapped the plastic and then lifted him out. While the bat wasn’t hurt or injured, he was definitely confused.

“As he was in a very good condition, we believe he had probably only gone into the sleeve that morning,” Wade said.

bat plant stuck 3

As the investigation continued, employees found a microbat colony living on the roof of the warehouse. Assuming that that was his home, Wade sent him off to get him ready to go home. After a microbat carer decided to take Benjamin in, Wade heard that he will be returning in a few days and can return to his family.

bat plant stuck 4

“Benjamin is an adult male and because he was uninjured, he was kept in care for three days under observation just to make sure everything was OK, before being taken back to his home and reunited with his family in the roof,” Wade said.

Right now, Benjamin has returned home, completely safe and sound. After all, a plant pot is no place for a bat.

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