Sometimes, you can’t help but feel your heart shatter after seeing the things that humans make innocent animals go through for their personal gain. Exploiting and killing animals for greed or entertainment is never right. The dog in this story, Duke, also had to suffer a lot at the hands of cruel humans.

Leslie Ysuhuaylas

Duke looked extremely sad while hanging out on an old armchair. That was all he had, and he had nowhere to call home. Even if he roamed the streets to forage for scraps to eat, he would go back to the chair and stay there night and day. This was the only place he felt safe.

Leslie Ysuhuaylas

Nobody gave him a second glance until someone in the area took his picture and uploaded it on Facebook. He let everyone know that Duke was emaciated and sick with mange. He would need the public’s help.

Thankfully, Leslie Ysuhuaylas happened to see the pictures. She was a volunteer-based in Texas, working at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. She called another volunteer and asked her to get Duke as soon as possible.

“He was very scared, and he didn’t really trust people,” Ysuhuaylas said. “He was very wary.”

The volunteer took Duke in his car and drove him to a clinic in Dallas. The poor dog was dehydrated, covered in fleas and mange, has cataracts and was even anemic. His teeth were also filed, which suggested that he was used as a bait dog.

One can only imagine what Duke had to endure during his time as a bait dog. No wonder the only place he felt safe was the armchair.

Leslie Ysuhuaylas

After being taken to the clinic, Duke is doing much better now. He is becoming more confident as well. His skin is improving, and his eyes are also looking better. Rescuers are sure he will make a full recovery. After he’s strong enough, Duke will be taken to New York City for adoption.

Leslie Ysuhuaylas

Maybe his new forever home will have an armchair, but it will be nothing like the one he had to seek refuge on. He will surely like that!

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