Lions are continuously judged and even hated for their carnivore behaviour. But isn’t that a bit hypocritical? Humans also kill and eat other species all the time. If only we were a bit considerate, we’d accept that lions are actually pretty chill. They like to hand out and cuddle, their males are not so haughty and their moms are affectionate.


This video is from Dynasties, a new series that follows the lives of five extraordinary animals- lions, penguins, chimpanzees, painted wolves and tigers that premiered on January 19th on BBC America at 9 pm EST. In it, we see an adorable lioness named Charm, protecting her “extremely vulnerable” cubs from a herd of buffalo. Contrary to what we would normally believe, buffaloes are a bunch of merciless baby-killers and lions are affectionate caregivers.


Sir David Attenborough narrates the show in a soothing voice as ever- until he explains, “Buffalo seek out lion cubs and will kill them if they get the chance,” adding that they “trample them to death.” These cubs are very small, in fact, they’re only two-weeks-old and they’re already in mortal danger.


Charm is a fierce protector. She shields her young with her body and at 1:02 she even slaps a buffalo on the head. The scene resembles The Lord of the Rings when they hide from Ringwraiths. Finally, Attenborough announces, “charm has forced the entire heard to back down.”

This is actually quite funny because she didn’t use any charm or magic if you could being a badass lion mom one. For that, we salute her.

Watch the badass mama lion protecting her cubs in the video below:

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