Loud noises are very disturbing for growing toddlers. For instance, loud screeching noise from a vacuum cleaner, blender and hair dryer can really tick them off. Sort of like a monster’s scary growls.


In this adorable video, an 11-month-old girl loses her calm when dad switches on the vacuum cleaner. The loud roaring cleaner sends the toddler into a frenzy of panic and she runs to her best friend, the protector who she is sure will save her any day- a Husky!

The little toddler marches up to her trusty husky, who is quietly sitting in the corner with his attentive eyes. She swiftly pulls him into a hug, burying her face into his warm fur. She feels protected for sure.


Meanwhile, the Husky stands tall like an attentive protector. His calm countenance calms the girl, and she finally breaks into a big smile. Having a pet as a protector and friend while growing up can be one of the most reassuring things. The sweet bond between the little girl and the Husky has us melting!

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