We all know it for a fact that some animals are solely separated from their families in order to make them well- trained only for the business of entertaining humans. Such animals are kept in captivity and very carelessly treated.

A baby elephant named Suman was separated from her mother in a similar manner. This happened to her when she was just born and she was living a very unwanted life ever- since. Her constant cries for her mother are obviously ignored by her owners and thus, she is very ill-treated by them.


Since elephants are very social animals, they should not be kept alone in Solidarity. They naturally like to live and travel in groups to protect each other and communicate. Suman, however, is the unlucky one who lives all alone, tied up by a rope in a tiny, dark room; the impacts of which are not positively affecting her.

“Keeping 6-year-old Suman locked up and not allowing her to be in bodily contact with her mother and family members is a crime. The owner does not have proper documents for these elephants. It is high time the Forest Department takes action and seizes Suman who can be shifted to the [Wildlife SOS] elephant rescue centre in Mathura.” says BK Singh, a retired Forest Department official.

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Suman’s mother isn’t any luckier. She too, with her father, lives in captivity and give rides to tourists. Both of them are contactless with Suman.

The Wildlife SOS is trying hard to save Suman and has launched a campaign for it. They are also planning to save her parents. They are concerned to do this before any of them are sold out of the state they are currently resided in.

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They explained in a press release, “Once Suman is moved out of the state, she will be lost and can never be traced again. He [the owner] will then be free to use the same money to purchase more baby elephants.”

The wildlife SOS expects as many people as possible to sign a petition after hearing Suman’s story so that they can fight against the cruelty they are facing.

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They said, “Suman’s owners have isolated her from her family and are keeping her chained in a small, dank room for ‘training’ using brutal techniques — in effect, day-by-day, her spirit is being broken.”


It’s a relief to learn that their petition had received over 50,000 of signatures within the first 72 hours of its launch.

Leaving Suman with her current owner may cause her to take decades before finally forgetting the trauma she is facing. Therefore, it is best to release her as soon as possible. The rescuers believe that she can still be able to live a happy life if reunited with other elephants.

Facebook/Wildlife SOS India

They said, “As a baby elephant, Suman is faced with an uncertain future. Either 50 years of abuse, beatings, neglect, and fear — or 50 years of safety, kindness, veterinary care and love from people and other elephants at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Rescue Center. Her fate lies in our hands.”

We hope the Wildlife SOS can act in time to save Suman and her family from the dreadful fate and help them lead a happy life in the close future. They deserve living in the wild, not in captivity.

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