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Viral Drone Video Shows Baby Bear Tirelessly Climbing A Mountain, But The Real Story Is Actually Sad


Recently, a video showing a young bear cub scaling the side of a mountain after sliding away from his mother has become very popular. Although it has sent a very uplifting message all around, showing how perseverant the little bear is, the clip has more to it than what was shown.

In fact, it hides the worst human behaviour possible.


The footage was taken in the Magadan Region of Eastern Russia, by an aerial drone. It displays a bear and her cub trying hard to reach the top of a steep and snowy slope. The climb is very challenging, especially for the cub, who slides down after his first attempt to ascend and reach his mother.

It’s not sure if the bears were panicking, in the beginning, to escape the buzzing drone in front of them and trying to get a close- up, but as the cub tries to reach the top, the mother suddenly jumps to scare away the flying drone. That causes the little bear to slip once again, and this time, its so much further down.

The video has a jump cut after the mother’s slip. Apparently, the cub had slid from near the top again, but his struggle of going up to it has been cut- off. It’s unclear if the drone operator’s actions caused that sleep as well.


The footage, thankfully, ends happily as the baby bear finally reaches his mother. However, the actions of the drone operator are not very acceptable. This is what biologist Dr Jacquelyn Gill had to say about the clip:

Drones are popularly used for studying wild animals and their behaviours. However, this particular video was apparently not well- thought of while it was taken. Such carelessness of the drone operator could have caused a devastating fate for the bears.

“Harassing wildlife for a photograph, a selfie, or a video is never okay,” Gill wrote on Twitter. “Respect animals by giving them space, and don’t share posts where animals are clearly in distress or in danger just because someone wanted to go viral.”

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