When you think about all the cats in foster homes, left to find a forever home on their own, it’s quite heartbreaking. But once in a blue moon, we are graced with a story like this.

These two homeless cats in a foster home located in Florida are inseparable.

Andrea Christian

Not only are they each other’s best friend–they also aren’t afraid of showing it off. They hold each other’s paws on every occasion!

Andrea Christian

Lily, the Siamese mix, and Rosa, the little black kitten, were meant to be from the very first time.

Andrea Christian

“Rosa came to me … seriously underweight and sad,” Andrea Christian, a foster for St. Francis Society Animal Rescue said.

Andrea Christian

“A couple of days later I got a call to take another very ill kitten that had been in ICU for about a week,” Christian said. “Lily [had been] found on the side of the road in Tampa … she looked like a skeleton.”

Then the fostering man tried to help them feel comfortable and happy at their new home.

It was when Lily finished a dose of antibiotics that she was introduced to Rosa.

“It was love at first sniff!” Christian said.

Andrea Christian

It seemed like the little black kitten brought happiness and good luck everywhere Lily went. Which was quite lucky for Lily. “She was suffering from toxoplasmosis,” Christian informed.

It looked as if Rosa supplied all the strength Lily needed to complete her hydrotherapy and to be restored to her previous healthy self.

Since then, the pair are always stuck together. From exploring their new home to lay down for a nap, they do everything together. Even eating the same food, in the same bowl, at the same time.

Andrea Christian

“They are shy still,” Christian said. But she does think they’re doing well and will soon start socializing with other cats. “They are coming out into the general population with the other fosters during the day now which is huge.”

But right now, they have a bigger mission in mind, i.e, finding a forever home for themselves. Hopefully, they will find a loving family that wants to adopt both of them and love them forever!

Our best wishes are with them!

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