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Steffen Olsen, a climate researcher, was in Greenland on June 13 when he took the picture to showcase a highlight of global warming.

The snapshot shows sled dogs running across a huge lake with water splashing all around them.

The scientist from the Danish Meteorological Institute wanted to show how the ice had melted so fast that it appeared as if the dogs were walking on water.

This is all thanks to the increasing Earth temperature.

Just this Thursday, Greenland lost 2 billion metric tons of ice. The Arctic sea is at a record low for the first time in years.

According to scientists, this is becoming more and more of a regular thing.

A geologist at Rowan University, Luke Trusel, said, “We see now that it’s melting faster than at any point in at least the last three and a half centuries, and likely the last seven or eight millennia.”

Scientists are now losing control over stability due to this drastic change. Global warming is severely affecting the world species, including human beings.

This is also stressing out the locals of Greenland. They need ice for transport, hunting, and fishing. Melting ice is disrupting all of that.

This is a big issue. If the Arctic ice collapses, the species in the region will move down south or be facing extinction.

When all that water goes into the ocean, it will only be a matter of time before the earth is completely flooded.

How will we survive then?

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