Nothing was going to get on his way, nothing was going to stop him.

One of the most beautiful things in the world is to see someone build his way up to his passion. Wilson Martins Coutinho from Rio de Janeiro is one of them. A hero to neglected and discarded animals, he picks them up from streets and dumps, then saves their lives.


The man has a series of rescues in his portfolio. And his selfless kindness has won over countless hearts. In the video, we see Wilson saving countless dying animals’ lives, completely unaffected by their sick, maggot-infested bodies.

He even goes as far as to take off his own clothes to provide some warmth to the suffering animals. Wilson cares for them as if they are his own children. From pacifying them with cuddles to holding them close to comfort then, Wilson always chooses their happiness over his own.


So the fact that he’s being called ‘The Angel of Animals’ shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Just watching the video of him helping these poor creatures, who would otherwise have died alone, brings tears to our eyes.

Check out the video below to see how Wilson is changing these animals’ lives by giving them a second chance at happiness!

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