It takes a lot of tasty acorns to keep a squirrel full, healthy, and happy. Therefore, it was real trouble for the staffers at Carolina Wildlife Center when they discovered that they were out of their supply of acorns.

“EMERGENCY,” the Carolina Wildlife Center declared in a post online. “We have run out of ACORNS!”

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The wildlife centre has around a thousand spiders that need them. Many of them were saved as orphans who fell down from their nests during storms. Because of so many hungry little bellies, their nuts took no time to be finished.

So, the volunteers of the rehab centre came up with an amazing idea—they asked the public for help in collecting acorns. However, the response they got was something they never imagined. When they got the nuts, they were not expecting so much of love and support.

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The entire rehab staffers couldn’t believe their eyes when people from all over the country started sending acorns. Soon enough, the acorns started overflowing in the wildlife centre and they couldn’t even keep track of the deliveries. A group of schoolchildren working over Thanksgiving break collected so many acorns, they easily filled a kiddie pool. Those hungry squirrels are literally swimming in pools of acorns now.

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“It’s just been amazing how generous people have been. It’s been warming our hearts,” rehabber Helen Dyar said. ” We have gotten them mailed to us from as far away as Texas.”

Now, another problem has introduced itself to the center— the surplus is just too much for them!

“We’re a rather small facility, and we actually have enough acorns now to meet our current needs,” Dyar said. “We’ve begun to freeze them for the spring season, and to share them with other rehabbers in the area.”

They have certainly had a lot more acorns than enough.

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Dyar encourages people to rather send their acorns to help wildlife rehabbers near their homes than sending too many acorns to one rehab.

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