When Isabel Zapata and her friends found a Rottweiler named Susanna in a dumping ground in Florida, she immediately knew something was horribly wrong with the dog. Not only was she covered in flies, but she was also dehydrated and starving.

abused dog 1

The dog laid on the ground, completely still, looking at Zapata with empty eyes. The bystanders knew they had to help.

That’s when Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue (GGARR) intervened. After the rescue staff took her to the hospital, the doctors found out that Susanna had been abused and neglected by her previous owner.

abused dog 2

Stunted growth had caused her to have deformed legs with arthritis. She was used for breeding dogs which have caused intense damage in her body.

abused dog 3

But the hospital had a fighter in their hands. Susanna wasn’t going to give up the second chance she had at life. She’s slowly recovering and with rehabilitation, she could walk again.

Her new home is keeping her safe and happy. And that’s all she needs for now.

Click the video below to see more of the story.

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