Max, a Boxer, was abandoned after being tied to a lamppost, causing an outrage among the animal lovers around the world. When he was found, Max seemed to be staring at the street, waiting for his owner to come back.

Source: Vida Loca/YouTube

43-year-old Graham Dobson thankfully happened to pass Max on his way to work. After feeding him, he waited for his owner to come as well. But before long, he realized that Max had been abandoned and called the dog warden to get help.

Graham said how sad and terrified Max was when he found him. He seemed to be waiting for someone to get him, but also seemed to have realized that his family had dumped him.

Source: Vida Loca/YouTube

After pictures of Max started going viral, the original owner of Max came back to explain how he couldn’t afford to keep max and signed the dog over to the warden.

Source: Vida Loca/YouTube

In his new shelter, Max has been very sweet and patient. Although he still misses his family, he is settling well in the shelter. He has been put up for adoption and soon, he will be with his new family, and he will never have to miss and long for anyone ever again!

Watch the video below to know more about Max:

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