Aadya, the 2 ½ year old emaciated pup made headlines last month when she was found abandoned in very poor health. She had a corn cob stuck in her intestine. Thankfully, she was rescued, but her story doesn’t end there.

Vincent Currie heard a dog crying in an alley behind his house once day. He found the dog, as owner had already drove away. She was starving, shaking with weakness, and in dire need of immediate help. Vincent contacted a local rescue called Beauties and Beasts Inc., who quickly responded to the case.

Everyone at the shelter was shocked to see her state. Her muscles had withered away, leaving her with almost every bone in her body exposed. They didn’t waste any time in giving her necessary treatment.
Vincent was also really helpful. He notified the police about the van that dumped her, and also talked about how sad he was after seeing the neglect she suffered with local news.

But things took a wild and unexpected twist. As police investigated the case, they found out that Vincent Currie was the true culprit. He hadn’t just found Aayda as a van left her in the dust. He was the one who neglected her all along. He has been charged with animal abuse and filing a false police report.

Meanwhile, Aadya was doing her best to recover. The rescue paid for her care at a local clinic, where they decided she needed surgery to remove a corncob found lodged in her intestine. She had a very slim chance of survival, but they were willing to try their best.

Aadya was placed with a foster family after her surgery. Mark Walker and Jeff Mosch were immediately taken by the frightened puppy. Aadya was very frail and still needed help learning to trust people. She wasn’t only hungry for food, but she was starved for love too.

“She is still fairly cautious/shy around people she doesn’t know, however, she is getting comfortable with them much quicker now,” Jeff Mosch said.

“She loves to cuddle and snuggle! Loud noises and thunder are things she doesn’t like. I’m working with her on some touch training because she would, at times, cower away from you with certain movements.”, he continued.

Riley and Kenya, two other dogs at the foster home, have made her feel comfortable. They seem to have sensed the pain she had been through.

Aadya’s foster parents opened a Facebook group called Aadya’s Journey, so others could also stay updated about her recovery.

“Aadya’s Journey page just brought out the best parts of humanity in everyone. We’ve met new people/made new friends, people have donated clothing for her, brought by 100% all-natural, homemade treats, etc.”

Aadya’s story was full of controversy, but the foster parents just want to focus on the positive and be thankful to everyone that helped her survive and recover.

“If a rescue group had not stepped in to provide the financial backing for her treatment/surgery, she wouldn’t be here today,” Jeff says. “We are getting so much credit for her but we have the easy job; we just get to love her. Her heroes were her rescuer, Randi Carter; Dr. Alex Brooks-Schrauth and the staff at the Wichita Emergency and Specialty Hospital; the volunteer who drove 2.5 hours each way to get the IV nutrients; and all who contributed to funding her care.”

“After we had her for our first week, we posted before and after pictures of her progress along with a challenge for people to make a $5.00 donation to Beauties and Beasts rescue. The response was inspiring. People weren’t just giving $5.00, they were giving $5.00 for every member of their families, including their pets.”

Over $4000 was raised to donate to the shelter that saved Aadya’s life. What she went through was nothing short of hellish, but thanks to good people, she is still alive and flourishing with proper care and love.

“We have been both inspired and overwhelmed by the positive, kind and caring people who have joined her Journey page; all 3,400 of them,” says Jeff Mosch. “Everyone on Aadya’s page has been there for one reason: they were moved by the story of this amazing dog and wanted to share in her recovery journey.”

Aadya’s story is far from over, but her experience will help highlight the plight of such abused and helpless dogs.

The sweet pooch has captured the hearts of her foster parents. They even mentioned that she might even be a “foster fail”—that they might end up adopting her in the end. After all she has been through, this pooch really deserves a loving home.

Even if they don’t adopt Aadya themselves, they have already helped many other dogs by opening their homes to other foster dogs. Aadya’s case shows just how cruel people can be, but for every bad person, there are still more to help.

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