Dogs are the closest things to angels that you can find in this world. They love unconditionally, and want nothing more than to see you happy. But even the most well-behaved dogs can get a little naughty every once in a while. Whenever they do something bad, the guilt is written all over their faces. Dog owners don’t know what to do with it! They are always won over by the puppy eyes. But these days, dog shaming is a huge trend on the internet. If your pooch has done something bad, the least you can do is have a good laugh out of it!

Shown below are 30 naughty dogs that will surely crack you up with their antics:

1. This confused fellow

2. Maybe it’s time to call an exorcist?

3. “The tiny robot is mine now!”

4. This misunderstood superstar

5. This is the face of no regrets

6. Irony at its best

7. Mama’s not so little helper

8. They’ll need more time warming up to each other

9. Monster under the bed? How about monster ON the bed?

10. Talk about being ungrateful!

11. What the neighbors don’t know won’t hurt them

12. This guy clearly has issues

13. That’s not how you make new friends

14. What a clever DIY growth chart

15. Zero days sober!

16. That’s one way to get dad off the screen

17. Brotherly love at its finest

18. The alarm nobody signed up for

19. He still loves his dad though

20. This guy has the weirdest addiction

21. Does this count as teamwork?

22. It should be a two-way street though

23. Maybe the book will really come handy now

24. “But it exploded by itself!”

25. The Lunch Thief

26. Make art, eat art

27. This guy isn’t taking any leftist agendas!

28. Who needs air-freshener?

29. An apple a day can’t keep the dog away

30. He doesn’t regret anything

Does your dog do naughty things like these? Have you ever dog-shamed? If you have a dog, this list must certainly have cracked you up. Share your own experiences with dogs below!

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